Innovative Video Systems

TAGvs is a dynamic company specialized in video transcoding. The product range includes mosaic / monitoring solutions, multichannel transcoding and audio transcoding.


MCM-9000 series

  • Multichannel mosaic and monitoring solution
  • Monitors for errors on transport and data layer
  • Creates a HD-mosaic output for visual control
  • Configurable overlays with information about errors, audio, channel names and channel properties
  • Complete solutions for every operator size

MBC-7000 series

  • Easy to use mosaic generator
  • Plenty of possible sources

MCR-6000 series

  • audioBridge for multichannel audio transcoding
  • Transcodes multiple Web-Sources into a single  MPTS

MCT-1000 series

  • realtime transcoding of MPEG-2 and H.264 video sources


can be found here.


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